Summoners, we are aware of some issues affecting Solo/Alliance events, and Alliance Quests. We are investigating the cause, and working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

AQ 66555, AW Gold 1, No event minimums

Brute Force Mercs is making plans for 1-4 new people.

AQ rank in top 500. Map 6 once or twice a week, the rest map 5. Until AW rewards get buffed, most of us are using top champs in AQ. You choose your attackers in AQ and AW, then defenders are chosen from the leftovers.

AW tiers 4/5. Gold 1 rewards expected, but currently we are on a lucky streak in platinum 1. No pressure if you get KO’d, but we are expected to finish path to 100% map (rare exceptions). Also good communication because we try to solo the boss.

Be available to finish AQ and AW early!

Prestige isn’t a priority, but if your top champ is r4 then it isn’t a good fit.

No other minimums for other events, but we have a couple mini-whales so SA rewards are above average considering there aren’t SA minimums.

In game:
Bender Titanius


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