Ai defensive in v2 and other areas of the game

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Ever since the endgame patch and after the fix I still say the ai is still defensive I have to keep running through v2 multiple times as the ai just doesnt throw a special it's still acting defensive with there specials, I tried baiting deadpool in v2 chapter 2 quest 3 aggression regen and he kept just attacking and blocking and no throwing a special like hes all or nothing. I also had this issue in aq against ultron drone on day 4 and unstoppable colos where they wouldnt throw special till landing a few hits on me which resulted me in almost dying void had approximately 8% lucky had void and km synergy to heal as safety net but it's tough to bait even if u dexterity or hard evade the ai still plays the defensive specials and tries attacking a few hits before backing away it gets really frustrating as I have to keep quitting quest or lose health that shouldn't of happened if ai wasnt defensive with specials.

I'm playing on Samsung s8 up to date version of system and game
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