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So with no charge for entrance into the higher tier aq maps I have a question.
Usually we run 443 through the 3 bgs and try and get bg3 to do a 4 every now and again.
Score ranging from 55-65 million, which is good!
But since the higher maps are free I wonder if running 533 and shuffling the bgs slightly would generate more points ? Anyone got data or knowledge that can prove or shut down my idea


  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 142
    Nobody has an answer for me 🥺
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 2,320 ★★★★
    In the past there were AQ point spreadsheets that would give an accurate point estimation for what you could put up. I don’t know if they have been updated recently or since AQ was changed to map per BG. Might be worth googling AQ point spreadsheet.

    I’m a sucker and googled it for you.
    Put in the maps you intend to run and starting prestige.
  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 142
    U are the 🐐
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