Aq knowledge pleaseeee

BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 142
So with no charge for entrance into the higher tier aq maps I have a question.
Usually we run 443 through the 3 bgs and try and get bg3 to do a 4 every now and again.
Score ranging from 55-65 million, which is good!
But since the higher maps are free I wonder if running 533 and shuffling the bgs slightly would generate more points ? Anyone got data or knowledge that can prove or shut down my idea


  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 473 ★★
    I would say having the top players in your alliance try out map 5 on one of the 'free AQ' weeks and seeing whether they can handle it. If they can, then I'd say it's worth it. But if they can't, then stay with map 4.
    That's pretty much the first priority with choosing your maps for AQ; what can your alliance members handle?
    Good luck on potentially trying out map 5!
  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 142
    @Mathking13 thank u for the help mate! That page is outstanding cheers
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