R5 hype or CapIW

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Need some rank up help! CapIW sig 168 or hype sig 50? I’m cav, still with both variants and most endgame content left to do. Who will help more? Finish UC EQ every month so don’t need any further help there.

R5 hype or CapIW 21 votes

CapIW sig168
BahamutRougeknight87Batman1903EtjamaReppinCALILordGenesisSkillful_starH3t3rEkbizzellLexSavi 10 votes
Hyperion sig50
TheManMythLegendzuffyThecurlerCliffordcanSpiderCoolsCrimsontide1616shadow_lurker22Tony886SquishyjrThe_4THBryliantu93Lainua 11 votes


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