Rank up decisions, please advise

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So I opened a bunch of crystals.

Featured 5* duped my crossbones, not terribly happy about that and he will stay at R2 (could take to R4 right now)

Pulled a 4* beardo (captain america infinity war), I've seen a lot of chat about how good he is and I think I can find a spot on the team if only for synergy but also as a decent attacker.

I have not completed UC EQ yet, I don't spend so I normally go as far as I can and stop.

My regular questing team:

5r4 unduped ghost (my only R4)
3* wasp for synergy
4r5 duped AA, if it bleeds and poisons, it will die
4r5 Quake, for anyone immune to AA that won't die quick with ghost.

Fifth slot reserved for whoever is needed for the hard fights in master but it will probably be a 4/40

5* champs of worth
Gladiator hulk (unduped, R3)
Proxima (unduped R2)

Do I take beardo to R5 and awaken with a generic, must be useful for almost every EQ to justify the T4CC.
Should I take 5* Gulk to R4?
Is unduped 5* proxima worth R4?

Remember, T4CC don't rain down from the sky, I am not interested in AW or AQ, I would like to take on LOL one day and I haven't attempted any variant.

Share your thoughts.


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    Archdemon_Archdemon_ Posts: 620 ★★
    Cap Beardo is my all time favourite champ to date, you cant really go wrong with ranking him up, he's a good all-rounder and I bring him to everything!
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    I'd say 4* Beardo only if you can take him up to sig 99, or above 80 at least. If you can then you have everything sorted, no questions asked.

    If you don't, take Gladiator Hulk up to rank 4. He's awesome for all sorts of content (except LOL). Unawakened Proxima isn't that good of an R4 option, if she were awakened then I'd change my mind. She sucks for LOL too.

    So either Rank 5 sig 99 Beardo or R4 Gulk
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    phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,755 ★★★★★
    So here we are again.

    I didnt take Gulk to R4 or do anything with beardo. Instead I sent crossbones to R3 to beat on some spiders this month.

    However I did pull a 5* killmonger last week who makes my duped 5* WS very nice, even at R2.

    I am very hesitant to use precious T2A and I'm not sure that Gulk will actually be worthy so I might wait.

    The above was a draft from yesterday before I went out drinking. Now it appears I have winter soldier at R3 and a R4 Ghulk.

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