Stamina refresh

This was a normal item that could be bought or gifted 15 or so months ago then was taken out when the idea was brought up about extending wait times for champs. The change never happened so why wasn't this item been brought back to be bought or gifted? You have given them out with a very low number that can be kept 10/10. Can we get this item put back into the store? I'm an arena grinder and alliance members would gift them at times because new champs can be helpful in alliance wars before strategies can be figured out. Could you bring this to the team @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam DK @Kabam Spice


  • Stara99Stara99 Posts: 405 ★★
    No response but a flag lol unreal
  • It's sort of useless in a way.... it'd probably cost the same as a normal refresh, so unless you're trying to save units or something than this isn't really a big deal. Plus people would be gifting them selves this to use in arena in another account and stuff like that.
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