What are your favourite masteries?

DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
These are my masteries and I'm thinking to maybe drop 1 point from pacify and 3 from courage to put it in either willpower, assassin or deep wounds, but cannot decide which one, so would like to see some other opinions on which masteries are your favourite and why. I'm using this for aq, arena and questing, no war


  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,442 ★★★★
    Personally, I love Tech Collar ... combined with my Vision , Ghost and such ... my tech champs are my "go to" for smacking down tougher opponents ... ;)
  • Those are some good options you listed. If I had more Champions that caused Bleed more often, I'd have more points in Deep Wounds. I still have a large number of pretty useful Mystic champs so I still run 5 points in Mystic Dispersion. For some people, that is too much Power gain so they only run 3 or 4 when they use it, but I've just gotten used to the feel of having all 5 ranks. Collar Tech is, in my opinion, worth more than people give it credit for, depending on the Techs in your roster.
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