Alliance Wars Season 11 - Defense Tactics and Rewards Update


Now that you’ve all had a Season with our brand new Map, it’s time to introduce the next evolution of Alliance Wars!

Introducing, Defense Tactics!

Defense Tactics are selectable Global Buffs that allow Alliance Leadership and Officers to further customize their Defenses by choosing a Buff allowing them to play to their Alliance’s strengths, and encourages a more diverse selection of Defenders.

How does it work?

During Placement Phase, Alliance Officers and Leaders can choose from a predetermined selection of Buffs that will empower certain sets of Champions. This can be done by Battlegroup, so you can choose a different Buff for each Battlegroup, if you want!

As a reminder, these only apply to Alliances that play on the Expert and Challenger Maps. This means only Alliances in Tiers 1-5. At this time, Alliances in Lower Tiers/Lower Difficulty maps will be unaffected.

We look forward to seeing a wider variety of Defenders chosen on a war-to-war basis!

What are the Buffs?

The first set of Defense Tactics that will go live this Off Season (July 17th) are:

Bulwark: Metal Defenders are Immune to Armor Break Debuffs. Whenever a Metal Defender loses more than [X%] of their Max Health from a single strike, they gain an Indestructible Buff for [Y] seconds. This ability goes on cooldown when Indestructible Buff expires for [Z] seconds.

Crush: X-Men & Mercenary Defenders gain [X%] Attack during Special Attacks and their Special Attacks ignore [Y%] of the Attacker's Block Proficiency.

Dodge: Size: S Defenders have a [X%] chance to Evade incoming attacks. Whenever a Size: S Defender Evades an attack, they gain [Y%] of a Bar of Power.

Siphon: Villain Defenders recover [X%] of their Max Health with each landed strike and recover [Y%] Max Health with each blocked strike.

Flow: Critical Strikes against Control Defenders grant Power Flood, causing them to gain [X%] of their Max Power over [Y] seconds.

You’ll be able to try these out during the Off-Season, which starts July 17th.

Rewards Update!

As promised when we announced Season 10, this season will feature an update to the rewards for Alliance Wars Seasons, and also Season Crystals, and Win Rewards!

Alliance War Win Rewards: The individual War Win rewards have been updated as well! You can look forward to getting more Crystal Shards and Loyalty per War! We’ve also expanded the availability of 6-Star Shards to Alliances in Tier 5, regardless of how many Battlegroups you run. These rewards will go live on July 17th!

Alliance War Season Crystals now award between 1500 and 36,000 T2A Fragments in the first reward, and between 1500 and 22,500 T5B Fragments, or a rare chance at 900/1800 T5C Fragments as the second reward!

Season Rewards: Alliance War Season Rewards have been increased across the board. Some of the more important standouts are:
- Addition of a Platinum 4 tier to add more Granularity between Gold 1 and Platinum 3
- Addition of T5CC Fragment Crystals to Master 1 - Platinum 4
- Expanded availability of T5B Fragments to Gold 3
- Expanded availability of T2A Fragments to Silver 1
- Expanded availability of T4CC Crystals to Silver 1
- Expanded availability of full T4B Catalysts to Silver 2
- Expanded Availability of T4CC Fragment Crystals to Bronze 3
- Expanded availability of 6-Star Shards to Gold 2
- Expanded availability of 5-Star Shards to Bronze 2
- Expanded availability of 4-Star Shards to Stone 1

You can take a look at the full season Rewards in the post below!

These new Season Rewards go live for Season 11 on July 31st!


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