3* Featured Arena Infinite Streak (in mid 2019!)

Heya folks,

I reckon the infinite streaks for this arena haven't changed much in the same way this arena _(thus it's algorithm)_ hasn’t changed in a long time. I’ve read a few times that this arena is the easiest to get in the streak as one only needs to use maxed out 3*s to pick up the streak after 5 matches.

A couple questions on the strategy these days:
  1. 1. Do I literally just need 15 (3x5) 3* R5
  2. 2. Do sig stones matter? ( I kinda know it doesn’t but why not ask)
  3. 3. From the 6th match and onwards can I use any 3* regardless of the rank?
  4. 4. Can I use 2*s for mataches +5 without blowing the streak?
  5. 5. Quick reminder of the 3*s champs refresh rate?
  6. 6. Quick reminder on the usual cut off rate for 3* featured arena (I know it depends but an avg ref number would be great)?

Sorry for the novel - but many thanks in advance.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,214 ★★
    Reaching infinite Streak in 3* Feature Arena is simple if using max 3* 4/40 once you start getting past like match 5 because opponents can not go up any higher than your own 3* 4/40. (and for that matter, using a rank lower, 3* 3/30, should be simple enough too because you should have no problem beating opponents who are a rank higher than your own).

    Don't know how the method could ever change in this arena since opponents are “capped” (ie, no 3* can ever be higher than 4/40, unless you want them to create a super-charged Mastery Version of Thanos/Kang Teams in which they have +200/200 Health/Attack Boosts, Unblockable, Enhanced SP 1/2, etc)

    ...same as with 4* Basic Arena, using max 4* 5/50 (or even 4* 4/40) because opponents can only go up as high as what a max 4* is (5/50)

    (5) Refresh/Recharge is exactly same as 4*. 2 hours or 5 Units.

    (6) New Hero 3* is typically no more than 1.5m, and often much lower (maybe 1.2m)
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 62
    Gosh mate, reading this makes me feel a bit dumb as it all just makes sense of course!!! If you are using maxed champs from the limit of the arena you are, then a death match ...well...will never be a deathmatch.

    I guess the popularity of the 3*, in this case, is really just correlated with the easiness of ranking them up.

    Thanks bud super helpful - also for questions 5/6. Everything makes sense and nothing to add.
  • Maldroit2Maldroit2 Posts: 564 ★★
    Here's my method that I'm using for stealth suit Spidey. I have 13 maxed out 3*; these get me about 80,000 points. I use my 3/30 3*; these get me the other 80,000. Rinse and repeat til 1,300,000. But this is mw
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 62
    Thanks @Maldroit2 - will keep this in mind, I think I might have resources to build tsimilar.

    @Maldroit2 @SummonerNR : Do you think then it's worth then investing in maxing out some 3*s?

    Just for some context, I joined the game (9/10 months ago) when 6* was the latest thing. That said, I bypassed the 3* roster and jumped to my 4/5 roster. So I basically never invested in 3*s.

    The reason for all this 3*s inquiring at this stage of my game: I'm an arena grinder, and was trying to understand if it's worth my time in this arena weekly to maximize the goodies I can get.

    Currently, I do the 5* featured up until 1M at least for the 5*shards last rank rewards. Then I do the 4* basic until I reach a confortable PTS that guarantees me the 1-10% (mostly for the 5* shards rather than the champ as I'm trying to growth my 5* roster - but obvs awsome to have to dup and get more 5* shards). Once I have the 5*featured 1M + my basic champ nailed, I spend the rest of the arenas available time playing my 4*/5*s in the 4* featured an ttry getting most milestones I can. My roster is very limited here and after I reach the streak I can do sort of 5/6 games until I can play them again.

    Wondering if the 3* featured arena could have a place here in terms of time/efficiency/rewards rather than my current system. Sorry I just made all more complex, topic should be "3* infinite streak and arenas - is it still worth it?" :#
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,214 ★★
    @pedroteixeira07 , assuming you never have a need for using 3* in Quests, I still find it useful to win the new 3* hero every other week (so only once every 4 arenas) for a reference to the new character and having a chance to see how they play.

    Rankup some more 3* whenever Levelup Events come around each time if you need extra to reach Levelup Milestone Rewards, don't need to take them max 4/40, just 3/30 is fine for using them against max arena opponents.
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 62
    @SummonerNR that's a great tip on the Lvl up events which sometimes I'm just "almost there" - all makes sense! Gotta love the resource managing intelligence. Also makes sense to get those bew champs to see how they play and get the dup goodies whenever/if we pop them in crystals. thanks a lot mate :)
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