What 5* to rank 5 next

Both champs are r4, I also have blade at r5 already.

What 5* to rank 5 next 14 votes

Duped 5* stark spidey
RoOOtsThecrusher_9756Maldroit2RockypantherxSPIDERMANANTMANMiStaLovaSkillful_starGiodood_1 8 votes
Unduped 5* Corvus glave
SpeedbumpPeterQuillEugene_VirtuosoFhfjghhggggjfhfjgKerguelenMasterLainua 6 votes


  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 963 ★★★
    Unduped 5* Corvus glave
    Cant go wrong with Either. Ive got both luckily at 5/65 and I would say Corvus is more useful and more straight forward as far as play style goes. Just go in and hammer away. I dont enjoy building poise charges with Sparky at all.
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 114
    Duped 5* stark spidey
    Corvus needs to be duped to unleash the monster within , spidey doesn't. And while yes both are spectacular and you really wouldn't be making a mistake with either I'd go with sparky.(who know maybe you'll get a 6* corvus tomorrow...)
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