Who’d should I rank up???

Who do I awaken!! it’s a 4 * awakening crystal
Imiw r5
Iceman r5
Killmonger r5
Champion r4
All champs are duped.
Thanks peeps


  • Unk0wn_S0ldierUnk0wn_S0ldier Posts: 38
    If all champs are duped, there would be no need to awaken them.....duped just means you awakened them by duplicating them through a crystal
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
    No sorry only the champ is duped my bad!
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
    Oh and omega red r4 not duped
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
    What about omega red r4
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
    Today just duped my imiw so rule him out
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 114
    If it's an awakening gem crystal then there's no guarantee that you'll get what you're after,but if you land on a mutant then yes awaken omega red,put all the signature stones you can in him and r5 him as soon as possible and he'll destroy everything for you. As long as you have suicides and sabertooth.lol
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
  • Django4774Django4774 Posts: 34
    I just pulled a 4* Hyperion and took him to r5 should I awaken him? I don’t do suicides
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