Easiest way to get 4* awakening gems?

I never seem to pull a god tier champion more than once in a 4* hero crystal, I’ve been playing for over a year now. I’ve had a few awakening gems in the past, but what is the best way to get them as I would love to awaken my top champions. Thanks


  • VatrisVatris Posts: 85
    edited July 12
    Theres no easy way, but I know where to find some
    Day 47 of the summoner appreciation calendar
    Exploration of road to the labyrinth
    Exploration of act 4
    Exploration of chapter 1 for act 5
    I'm not that experienced so that's all I know
  • Yeah, they're not exactly readily available. Occasionally they popup as an extra during an EQ (i.e. the Fury Intel store would be the most recent I can recall). If they ever run another Champion/Celebrity Challenge they award 1× 4* AG Crystal upon exploration of the 1st Chapter. There's a few that can found in game in the permanent content listed above. Currently, your best bet is the Summoner Appreciation login Calendar as also mentioned above.
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