Which 4* to max out.. if any? (Rank up Gem deal - 2h to decide!)

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Hi guys,

Thinking of purchasing the 4* 4->5 Rank up gem deal (30£). However, before giving Kabam money :s I'd really appreciate your expertise/thoughts if it makes sense to get this and/or who to rank up (if any). Because with rank up's each case is a case, would be great to have your vote having with my game progression/roster in mind, thus for context:
  • Game Content: Playing for 10m, recently UC (2 weeks ago). About to explore fully Act 4 for the 2ta goodies. Trying my shot in UC EQ exploration for the first time and hopeing to prioritise ongoing. In static content, probably adventuring in ROL and eventually exploring Act5, road to Labyrithn, LOL, Variants, Act 6 and all that jazz (not happening that soon of course)
  • 5* Roster: 12x 5*s. MVPs: Corvus R4 / Domino R3 & Venom R3 on this month EQ. Potential rank up material in the pipeline: Proxima (awaken), Mephisto, Dorma (the rest not even worthy a mention... arena fodder that doesn't go beyong R2).
  • 4* Roster: Several. More relevant now are the already maxed out: Medusa, Blade, Starky, Void, Cap. America IW
Thanks in advance folks! Pretty much appreciate your opinion here (fast pleasssseee, have 2h to decide) as we;re talking money o:)

Which 4* to max out.. if any? (Rank up Gem deal - 2h to decide!) 5 votes

Omega Red (duped)
Aegon (duped)
Maldroit2FhfjghhggggjfhfjgDose_Responsive 3 votes
Scarlet Witch (duped)
IM IW (duped)
SS (duped)
Thing (duped)
DUDE?!... None! With for the content you’ll be doing you should already be focusing on the 5*’s instead (not getting Kabam’s vote on this one, hahaha).
Hollowbornlewiscallan 2 votes


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    The community has spoken (lol 2) .. but hey.. it is what it is, saving myself some bucks and forget this!
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