Which mutant should I take to 5/50

Guys please help me decide which mutant is Going to help me with act 5 as a 4star 5/50.

Which mutant should I take to 5/50 13 votes

Omega red (unawakened)
Jaswalsahib 1 vote
Domino (unawakened)
Stark78AlfaRajdeep9Charlie_Scenelewiscallanrahul9582084064Batman1903KerguelenMasterBrudixTreeThoye3Marvinn 10 votes
Ice man( unawakened)
Spity68SuperGood 2 votes
Sabretooth (awakened)


  • RagnabroRagnabro Posts: 26
    Do you have void, red hulk, masacre?
  • Jackbrooks2580Jackbrooks2580 Posts: 68
    Yes I have void but he isn’t awakened..... I have Kikelomo her too all at 4/40. I need a good mutant that will help me with act 5.
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    Domino (unawakened)
    Utility Champ here is Iceman

    Damage Champ is Domino

    Regen Champ is Omega

    What do you personally Need?
    Choose that one you Need most!
    But dont Forget: Domino can solo ROL with her 3k bleed ticks
    Iceman is usefull for act 4 and sometimes for act 5
    Omega would be rellay useful for Act 4 and 5 if he was awakened, but unawakened he is kinda bad, his damage potential is really unamazing...
  • Jackbrooks2580Jackbrooks2580 Posts: 68
    Am looking forward to be uncollected. I need champs that will help me achieve that.
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