Skilled veteran looking for a long-term happy medium? Check us out!

We are a 22mil ally looking for 1-2 new players after season rewards drop. We are a friendly, very active group that keeps demands manageable. We’re a good home for someone who wants to stay active, earn some nice rewards, while avoiding the risk of burnout.

***About us***

We run AQ Maps 2-5 (mainly 4) and our schedule enables us to earn 85-100mil weekly. We are flexible in the sense that if you are for example, on vacation, you can get away with doing Map 4s for a few days instead of 5–which is perfectly fine because AQ BGs are first come, first serve, each and every day. We run slightly lower maps on AW attack days to enable folks to alternate their best offensive team between AW attack & AQ Map 5.

Our alliance prestige currently exceeds 7,800, so you can expect reasonably challenging fights on later AQ days. We do expect 100% in AQ and you should be capable of finishing your line daily.

For AW we have been on the Gold 1/2 border for the past 4 seasons. We have 100%ed almost every single in-season AW for the past half year—and the expectation is that this will continue. If we lose, it’s typically due to AB. We are relaxed in the sense that if someone genuinely tries (goes in with best champs and has a good approach)—we are never jerks about a lost AB. Its a third world issue anyways.

AW BGs, paths, and defenders are assigned. We run ~145 diversity.

We are mainly US, but have a handful from other countries and time zones—in no way is it necessarily a deal breaker.

***Who we are looking for***

Someone with the same easygoing and friendly mentality as the rest of us. We’ve all been at this for many years, and first and foremost, the game should be enjoyable!

Someone with at least one 5/65 or 6* equivalent (most people have at least a couple)—plus a solid group of 4/55s & 6*s.

Someone who is active and communicates effectively.

If interested, find me on LINE: sillycaitlin

If you’d like to take a peek at our ally, our line tag is CHAØS (Heart of Darkness).

I look forward to meeting you. 😊
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