Which champs should I use to 100% 5.4?

I know that there are many guides done for this but I feel that many of those guides are outdated. I have done Act 5 one time through but now I am trying to do 100%. I am going to try 100% 5.4 before 5.3 and 5.2 and want to know which champs are best to bring. I noticed that many of you that are on forum have already gotten Elder's bane and Cavalier, so if you can give me an advice, it would be very helpful.


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    It’s not really a “what champ is best for 5.4” situation.

    You’ll need a strong bleed immune, incinerate immune, AAR champ without use of debuffs for debuff immune lane, heal blocker, champ for ultron boss.

    Typically a team of...
    Blade, starky, ghostrider, void will work for most. Other champs will make lanes really easy. Like doctor voodoo on resistance path (or ms or magik). Star lord can even handle healing lanes (vigor etc...).

    The best bet is to look at the already created maps and pick out the best attackers per lanes that you are going to complete. Otherwise we could sit here debating usefulness of what champ per lanes all day long.
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