Rank Up Question

So I recently got them both from 5* crystals and they are my only good mutants. They are both unakened, and I'm thinking on taking one of them to rank 3 and then maybe rank 4.
Who do you guys think would be the better one?

Rank Up Question 30 votes

jkcjmijiTony886ZuroÆgon0710Djkrdjj 5 votes
Emma Frost
RaganatorSpity68SecondSkrillerOneManArmyF317Duke_SilverQucolucrjuPrathapJuggerNotSiddhantRockypantherxDrPepper_75LordNeoZipioMiStaLovaTibetskyMastifmrcyrcleSquishyjrThe_4THHedronNarwhal52x 25 votes


  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 444 ★★
    Depends what ur looking for. For utility EF, for more fun imo sabretooth
  • GonçaloGonçalo Posts: 32
    Hmm, ok guys, will test more both of them at rank 2 for now, but will take in consideration this poll when ranking one up!
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