How to buff Ebony Maw and make him an acceptable and useful character

I really hope this doesn't get deleted but here it is:
Using a Special 1: would nullify all buffs and deal degeneration for 100% attack per buff removed
Using a Special 2: would degenerate for 250% attack
Using a Special 3: would drain all power and get all power drained over 5 seconds
Persuasion: It goes to 200 and each charge is gained 30% faster, when he hits 100 black tongue is placed reducing all power gain by 40%, it stacks at 200 to be an 80% drain
Deterioration: It reduces all buff potency by 5% per stack and regenerate by 10%
Heavy: Using a heavy for 10% of max power and 10% of current power drained
Persistent Charges: They are gained in the same way as currently, but can stack to 10 and each places 2 deterioration
Awakened Ability: When awakened, It degenerates for completing missions gains +20-40% degeneration damage per deterioration. Other degenerate gain 5% potency per deterioration, each time a degeneration is applied 3 deterioration is consumed
He can also keep his current abilities of placing deterioration when nullifying a buff in the s1, dodging guaranteed critical hits and other abilities not mentioned here that he currently has
Thoughts? Anyone else that has a better way of buffing him, please leave it down in the comments. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.


  • TheSpicyKnightTheSpicyKnight Posts: 956 ★★★
    Here's what I think they would need to change if they decide to buff him:

    1. Deteriorations aren't consumed when a Degen Passive is applied but the damage is still increased.

    2. Allow Falter debuffs to be placed after Black Tongue. It could be based on intervals, nullifying certain buffs, or whatever just as long as we can place one more than 5 times a match.
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