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Diablo rework idea

Webby72Webby72 Posts: 227 ★★
edited July 2019 in Suggestions and Requests
This is just an idea I had for Diablo that involved the new prefight ability mechanic. Tell me what you think!
Sorry for the odd layout and text wall

8 persistent charges
Prefight ability to trigger one of 4, max 2 times per potion
-Potions brewed from 1 of 4
charges by finishing a 5 hit combo with a medium
-potions take 2.5s to brew and can be consumed by dashing back and holding block for 1.2s, or through the sp1.
-potion effects are passive and last for 15s
-Emberboon: 15% bonus energy damage per buff, 5% bonus energy damage per passive effect on opponent
-Counterflow:30% of a bar of power over duration, guaranteed steal of opponents passive/active power gain, even built in abilities, on contact for duration. Additionally, 20% chance for basic attacks to nullify one buff on the opponent.
-Lifestitch: 100% bonus regen rate over duration,15 regen charges, 1 lost each second to instantly heal 0.5% of max health, and a 20% chance to purify any active effect that reduces regen rate except poison. +20% physical resistance and armour passive, granting 0 armour for duration. When activated under the effect of a heal block, only gain half of the regen charges
-Ironskin:+130% crit damage and reflect stun ability, inflicting a 1s stun effect
-if none are selected: potions cannot be brewed, resulting in toxicity charges every time a potion is consumed. Additionally, every time a potion is consumed, Diablo is afflicted with a poison Debuff, losing 75% of his health over 10s
-Toxicity when drinking an unbrewed potion (losing a charge) or drinking a potion under a potion effect (not losing a charge) : reduces damage taken from poison effects by 90%. Additional toxicity charges reduce this reduction by 20% , —gains +7% power gain and grants a 25% attack rating increase (3 toxicity reduces poison damage by 50%, increases attack rating by 50% and increase power gain rate by 14%)
Toxicity charges last for 7s + 1s per persistent charge. Additional toxicity charges last 1.5s per persistent charge.
-The willpower mastery cannot cause Diablo to gain more health than is lost due to poison effects
-Special 1 and 2 inflict a poison Debuff on diablo, losing 10% health over 10s if Diablo is under a potion effect
-sp1 Diablo consumes at the end, if a potion is brewed. Duration is increased by up to 30% based on how long he drinks the potion for (Lifestitch grants an additional up to 3 regen charges)
-sp2 unblockable and deals +40% energy damage for every brewed potion, potion effect and toxicity charge on Diablo
-sp3 has a different effect based on active potion effect
Emberboon: places one indefinite passive charge on the opponent for every active effect on the opponent if this potion effect is active
Counterflow: +x% attack rating (very large boost) if this potion effect is active
Lifestitch: grants a permanent Lifestitch charge, granting +2% energy resistance and +3% perfect block chance for every regen charge on Diablo, and increases current regen charge number to 15 if this potion effect is active
Ironskin: grants a permanent Ironskin charge, granting 3 guaranteed crits every time a potion effect, poison effect or toxicity charge are gained by Diablo, as well as increasing toxcicity charge attack rating increase to 35%, if this potion effect is active
None: activates the pre fight selected potion effect for 15s, without using a potion charge. If no potions were preselected, no effect is activated.
-signature ability: potions take 1s less to brew, and last up to 30% longer (Lifestitch grants an additional up to 3 regen charges)
-each respective potion synergy now allows a 10% chance at end of fight to gain one use of a potion type (eg. can use Ironskin more than 2 times a quest etc) does not stack
-F4 synergy: Team gains +6% attack rating

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