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ROL and Uncollected, all in one!

te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
Hi All ^_^

I know that there are threads like this continuously, but i'm too much excited and i have to write down what i did today: beaten ROL and became Uncollected all in one day :love::love:

First was the Realm: this morning i started telling to myself "well, why not to try and see how much health i can take out from WS?" and ended with my Cap killing Hulk... i couldn't believe it! I messed up a couple of time and had to use a revive (and some L1/L2 potions), but no units spent, both for ROL and UC, i'm really proud of this :smiley:

Then, in the afternoon, a folgoration: if i can ramp up Cull, i can bypass Bane simply by killing my enemies in less than ten seconds! great idea, not so great the realization, i had to restart the quest (5.2.5) a few times before adapting to Bane and being able to defeat Moon Knight, and i had to use 1 revive and some potions because the block damage was still high, but when my Cull reached 10 charges he became a beast, killing the collector with only 2 L1 revives needed :-O



- Captain America IW (4* - 5/50 - Sig. 99)
- Archangel (4* - 5/50 - Sig. 99)
- Hulk Ragnarok (4* - 5/50 - Sig. 99)
- Nick Fury (3* - 1/10 - Sig. 1)
- Redpool (2* - 3/30 - Sig. 14)

Fury and Redpool were in the team only for the Restoration Kit, because i have Liquid Courage on; used Cap for immune champs (Cap Marvel, Vision, Black Bolt, Hulk) and Juggs, Hulk Rag for Scarlet, and Archangel for the rest. Easiest fight was against Wolvie, he died in 150 hits, even less than BB.


- Cull Obsidian (4* - 5/50 - Sig. 99)
- Corvus Glaive (4* - 3/30 - Sig. 99)
- Ebony Maw (4* - 3/30 - Unduped)
- Dr. Strange (4* - 1/10 - Unduped)
- Thor Ragnarok (5* - 1/25 - Unduped)

basically, all champs are there to support Cull: ebony and corvus give him new missions and 50% crit rate boost, while strange and thor activate the normal synergies for both cull and maw as well as corvus, for a total of +620 crit rate and a +6% atk boost. a 20% champion boost completed the team. After 2/3 fights Cull became a beast, killing my enemies with 5 hits, even less if i actived the Rout Buff.

Thank you to anybody that will take the time to read all, and a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night to everybody :blush::blush::blush:


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