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Greetings, all! I have come here in search of words of wisdom! I recently became an officer in my alliance after playing for about 6 months, but my alliance has been aroundjust over a year and a half. Our alliance is pretty laid back doing every AW with 1-2 bgs, AQ daily, and bi-weekly SA to ensure we meet the minimum 265k. Three weeks ago, we had around 10 very active, 100k+ TBHR players which supplemented for the remainder of our alliance who were just casual players. Then two weeks ago, we lost 4 of those power players to other alliances, two of which came back. This week is an open/level everything up week for our SA, but we're only at 140k and more than likely not going to make the 265k cutoff. Myself and two others have put up 25k+, but most have barely reached 5-8k. Biggest issue is even when we kick members for inactivity, we get new players who contribute even less.

My question to you all: what sort of alliance rules and/or requirements have you seen in your time playing? Any minimums for SA, communication requirements, etc?

I'm trying to help my alliance work towards having fun while still progressing our champions, but with some players dragging us down, it dips morale into the tank.



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    If you are unwilling to save some weeks then you have to use minimums like 9k points per person for SA. Multiple weeks of a member not hitting it and bootskie
  • KML15KML15 Posts: 139
    Need more actives in your alliance.
  • JoTairJoTair Posts: 21
    Use line or discord to communicate. May need to hoard and do SA every other week until people are built up. We kick after 5 days of inactivity. No more than 5K SA points in a hoard week.
  • I'll take this to my guys. Thanks, guys!
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    Hard to say what you need to do exactly mate. Our alliance also had some hard times a few months ago. We dipped from 30 to 18 members because many left and many were kicked out. However, if you have a strong core of players this will help you survive and come back to the top.
    Our core group of 10-15 members have been playing together for well over a year and they all support each other. They care about loyalty more than ranking so we all stuck and kept on working hard. Slowly we were able to attract a few good recruits, which followed up by a few more. Before we could even realize we were back to 30 members again. At the moment around 25 of the members are solid players and the rest are catching up.
    My advice would be to decide for yourself what you want to do. If you care about the alliance and your team members just swallow the bitter pill and accept that those are hard times. If you think there is no future in this and you are wasting your time look for another group of people that are more serious and active.
    There is no right choice though, you just have to go for it and stick to what your decide.
    Good luck!
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    from what I've seen and done, be wary of too many rules early on in the game. If you have less than 20 people in the alliance, it may be best to work on getting more (reliable) people and less stress on minimums. I hate minimums as a full alliance as it is, but the rewards are great.
    When it came to SA, I refused to join an alliance that held for SA. I knew I just didnt want that, even if it was beneficial. Every upgrade I did directly affected my champs I used, and I wanted them immediately to clear content. Not to mention crystals burn a hole in my pocket. That being said, I know reward wise, its beneficial.
  • Kick slackers plain and simple. The fact is once you start growing and attempting harder maps in AQ and fight in higher tiers in war it is generally the slackers that pose the biggest risk to you failing. Cause if they are not active enough to sustain SA points then they might not be active enough to run even map 3 in AQ.
  • These posts are helpful to me too.
  • Been there done that...i will suggest have patience if you are a core group of at least 15 players who are decently loyal....ur time will come with some patience for say 1 and half months...also remember that once u reach 265k during your leveling up week..immediately inform everyone to stop their crystal opening & levelling will really help...and patience is the key here....
  • Thanks for the additional advice, everyone! I'm going to be talking to our alliance lead tonight about kicking inactives. We have one guy who has been inactive now for 32 days -_-
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    Communications Apps are a huge boost
  • JoTairJoTair Posts: 21
    Wow 32 days inactivity. Yep kick em.
  • VartoxVartox Posts: 150
    Your a officer, he gave you the power to kick. Kick the inactive yourself
  • Im having trouble in my alliance as well. I dont have any officers. We can only do map 1 and 2. Im the only one over 100k
  • VartoxVartox Posts: 150
    Richiesdad sounds likeyoi either need to ask to be made a officer or find a new alliance
  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 394
    like the others have said, kick the inactives. leave the alliance open to everyone until you get a solid core of players, then you can start screening potential members.

    if you want to start getting more serious and progressing faster, you'll have to explain to your members that not upgrading their champs and not participating in events means hindering the progress of everyone else. start with some basic requirements like participation in AQ (not just sitting at the beginning) and SA. we were having some trouble meeting SA when we first got bumped up to 265k, but after some cleaning house and explanation of the whys and hows of SA, we've been hitting it every week. if you have some hoarders in your alliance, make sure to tell them to open their crystals if you're not on pace to hit 265k.

    use a chat app to communicate. make a main chat, officer chat, and separate chats for each bg. it's easier to remind people about events when the messages don't disappear. you can also use it to notify someone if you need them to move in AQ/AW.

    although if your leader and other members aren't keen on moving past "casual", it might be a good idea to just find a more active alliance.
  • Hey are you willing to merge if you have space if so hit me up in line cano29848 we have some good players in here. At least 10 to 15 daily players with map 5 experience. Plus 220k ratings on each player with a few over 300k. Let me know.
  • I think you need to find players at close to the same activity legel as the rest of the group. One group will eventually get tired of carrying all the weight and break off.

    I would make your alliance a closed alliance (if not already) and spend some time recruiting. Recruiting sucks, but being more selective should make sure that you get the type of players that you want.
  • In my alliance we kick people who don't contribute but get strong just to get rewards
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