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Advice for where my roster is...

Hey y'all, I wanted to get some opinions on where I should focus my resources going forward. I'm around 240k rating in a 7 million alliance. With the game trending towards 5* champs, I feel I need to start putting in some work on the ones I have. Currently I have the following 5*, none duped: Cyclops (Xavier), Captain America, Drax, Loki, Iron Man, Star Lord, Black Panther (OG), and Iron Patriot.

With the exception of maybe Cap, none seem to be worth ranking right away, so they're all 1/25 right now. I have no problem getting through expert aq and tier 4 war, so I haven't felt the need to change anything. Add this to the fact that I'm down to about 500k gold and I've decided to hoard gold when I can, only upgrading champs when I'm about to lose iso. Any thoughts or opinions?


  • nameplasnameplas Posts: 240 ★★
    Definitely take them all to 2/35, you've got a starlord, hopefully you'll dupe him someday. Also, you didn't mention how many max 4* you have, and the catalysts you're holding onto. Prestige is something you'll want to improve even more with every rankup, so rankup champs that add up to your prestige, at this level you'll have iso expiring for sure and you're a bit low on gold tbh, I'd say do more arena as well ☺
  • NorthwestbrosefNorthwestbrosef Posts: 156
    God I absolutely hate doing arena. Did the basic for the milestones this go round, and threw in about 500k into 3* just to try it out. I have 6 maxed 4*: Gwenpool, X23, SIM, Mordo, Star Lord, and Electro. And have 2 t4cc of every type except skill, of which I have 4.
  • NorthwestbrosefNorthwestbrosef Posts: 156
    Thinking ahead, I was planning on r5ing 4* Voodoo Sig 99, and possibly classic dd Sig 99 or crossbones. Seems I'll be doing classic Cap 5* first. Double crit chance and damage synergy with dd and sim.
  • Maybe I look at things wrongly, but here goes.

    I'm around 270k, if that matters. I'm not planning on ranking any more 4*s unless they're just amazing. I have 11 5*s, 2 duped. Starting to get the most useful ones to r3.. In your case, I'd say panther, drax, cyc, maybe cap.. And SL in hopes of the dupe (just my opinion). The dupe isn't necessary on those others to be useful enough to tear up regular quests and rake in arena points. And outside of SL, they're common enough pulls that you may dupe soon and be that far ahead of the game.

    I'm kinda treating my acct like I'm back to making my 4* 3/30 roster again, I guess.. But w 5*s. I def notice a difference when questing bc of diminishing returns or whatever it's called. Life is just easier w 5*s for that stuff. I'm also playing w characters I enjoyed but haven't used as 4*s in a long time, so there's a little freshness to the game again. And I keep my quest progress moving regularly during aq/aw without skipping a beat... As well as continue saving items for harder content.

    Beyond that, idk about your alli or your prestige, but they may help there as well.. Although they aren't rly high prestige champs.
  • NorthwestbrosefNorthwestbrosef Posts: 156
    Thanks chunky, I hadn't thought about that angle. The game has definitely been getting repetitive. Looks like I have my answer!
  • No problem man. Hope it helped. And I'd def r5 that voodoo no matter what haha
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