Labyrinth of legends

Going for first I initial run of lol with sparky 4/55 duped. Any tips and advices are appreciated....


  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 1,986 ★★★★
    I literally just beat it lol, used Aegon. Just be cautious of magik as sparky can’t shut her limbo down
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    Take Aegon in your Team, even as 4 star he rocks, or star Lord.
    And Sparky is a really good idea, too.
    If you are stuck anywhere in the middle you should not leave the Mission, better go farming Units from Arena to buy a Team revive (or normal revive)
    And better dont start unless you have something like 30 silver life potions (easy to farm from rol) and like 4 or 5 revives ready (Units are good enough too)
    And Patience is the most important key here, take youre time for every fight and do breaks between them or you will get unconcentrated after some time! I Thing if you do one fight every half an hour and the rest of the time you go outside and breath fresh air :P

  • Immortal_148Immortal_148 Posts: 32
    I m taking sparky with spider man, venom, electroand miles synergy.. I have like 5000 units and revives and all but dk magik is a pain... Hope for the best....
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 1,986 ★★★★
    @Immortal_148 good luck man! 5k units should get y through it just DO NOT hit magik when she is in limbo.
  • Immortal_148Immortal_148 Posts: 32
    Yea bro ik but shes still a pain I was first taking she hulk there but sparky is better option specially for war machine L1
  • GamerGamer Posts: 5,276 ★★★★
    I’m wil not tak it befor you first rank5.
  • Immortal_148Immortal_148 Posts: 32
    It would be a long time for sparky to rank 5 need 4 t2 alpha more
    Human torch is also in the line
  • Immortal_148Immortal_148 Posts: 32
    For rank 4/55
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