AW defence synergies

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Has anyone else found that aw defender synergies are working?

Examples mentioned to me include hood phasing at start, and one i have experienced which is when you bring the defender to 0 health they suddenly regen 20% health and go indestructible.


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    I’m haven’t se them. Doing that.
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    Gamer said:

    I’m haven’t se them. Doing that.

    Most of my alliance are the same. It seems to be quite rare and sporadic.

    I wish i had recorded the footage.
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    They’re not supposed to be active
    They have been taken away a while ago

    Yeah. I have been playing the game for years and never ever come across an active aw def synergy, which is why it was so weird. Nothing unusual this aw at least.
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    Synergies do not work in Alliance War defense. If you experienced something else unusual you can submit a detailed report using the templates provided at the top of the bugs and known issues section.
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