1 looking for an AQ focused alliance 120+ weekly.

Hey I been playing on and off for a few years. Current alliance is running 5x5 in my bg but having issues completing and is more of a war focused crew with little communication. They are a fun bunch of guys but I think we are looking for different things. We finished gold 1 last season, but I'd be fine with gold 2 or 3. Honestly I think the AQ rewards are better. Just trying to find a good alliance that communicates, completes, and has fun. I have only ran map 6 once but I loved it. Line ID - Jeffholland.


  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 50
    Hi. We're 5x5 AQ with some map 6, scoring 180m+. Gold 1 aiming Plat 4. If you think you have the strength in depth in your roster add me on line, Clarkkent1976
  • Jesterj8Jesterj8 Posts: 48
    Couldn't find ya on line.
  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 50
    What's your ID bud? Line can struggle to find people if you're not in the same country. Add me in-game, same ID.
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