The unit cost for refreshing Dungeon champs should be this cheap always.

I can't think of one dungeon mini "season" where I didn't struggle with 90% of the runs I tried to do.

Last night, I wanted to run a few runs. I would have a partner that would seem connected for about 1, 2 or maybe 2.5 rooms and then everything would freeze on their end. My partner's fight timer would freeze or time out and just sit at 0:00. This is just what dungeons are.

Last night was the first time I've worked dungeons where these connection issues didn't make me want to chuck my phone across the room because I could refresh my champs for a fair amount (considering how buggy the dungeons are). This did a lot to lessen my fury at the connectivity issues that continue to plague dungeons.

The other tough part about dungeons are how long it really takes to do a run, even one of these ill fated runs. I'm not sure how this dungeon system gets fixed, I just know that reducing the cost of refreshing champs really helps me deal with the crummy system in place in a more reasonable way.
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