First 5/65

Webby72Webby72 Posts: 137 ★★
I will get the remaining t5b frags I’ll need next month, and could use some help for this decision. I have managed an initial completion of act 5, but am yet to attempt act 6 at all. If you could also explain your choice that’d be much appreciated! Cheers!

First 5/65 25 votes

Sig 200 Void
SecondSkrillerOneManArmybubbaXzone10or_Strongljballer22CUBMeebletonmrcyrcleBLACKMILKTEA_88UmbertoDelRioFreeToPlay_21PricelessGiodood_1Thoye3Adil08 15 votes
Sig 20 Starky
Lvernon15Osfan8AanthoFhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjama 5 votes
Sig 44 Omega Red
AleorKong_MasterlukakaDead1Strm4ever_cmf 5 votes


  • bubbaXzonebubbaXzone Posts: 22
    Sig 200 Void
    i voted void cause hes 200 sig....seems u invested most time on him.

    i not sure how he is on attack but those debuffs at 5/65 will hurt!
    also great on war def!
  • AleorAleor Posts: 1,135 ★★★
    Sig 44 Omega Red
    Omega is the best option for act 6 possibly. Plus void is good for reversal staff at r4, but omega's damage should scale well, just add some sigs.
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