War Burnout, off-season should be extended.

Honestly, we have 2 weeks to gather the items we need for another war season, and in my first war I’ve used up all my potions. Either glory should be increased or costs to buy should be decreased, or there should be enough time to actually gather a lot of items... especially since there are now t2a and t5b for good value in the glory store, my potions are just too less, and I’m only in tier 5. The aw reward increase looks awesome and the introduction of plat 4 is great especially since my alliance should fit that category, but it’s just way too hard to save up glory for enough potions in wars.

War Burnout, off-season should be extended. 3 votes

Change off-season to 3+ weeks
Thanos_Car 1 vote
Don’t change off-season, decrease glory store costs.
Increase the amount of glory given in AQ
Thi101SquishyjrThe_4TH 2 votes
Don’t change anything, I can save up enough potions.
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