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Awakening gem advice

_MGP__MGP_ Posts: 75
edited August 2019 in Strategy and Tips
Hello so since we’re gonna get the 4* awakening gem soon I was wondering in what champ to use it on. I’m between stark spidey or archangel. At first I thought archangel but then I got stark spidey. So which one?

Awakening gem advice 18 votes

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
mrcyrcleBrudixTreeCsaddleton 3 votes
SharkPowerr99AanthoBlaargoKobster84FhfjghhggggjfhfjgWozzy101lewiscallanHfchangẞlооdEtjamate_dua_shumUmbertoDelRioFreeToPlay_21LostCrestGiodood_1 15 votes
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