Parry Problems at Story 5.2.4

Maybe somebody said it already.

Parry only works sometimes in story quest 5.2.4. I haven't checked the other s, but I guess ist will be the same. I parry, I see the confirmation for the success on the screen in green letters, but the opponent isn't stunned. This happens approximately in 2 of 3 trials to parry.

Please send me an answer when this bug is fixed.

You can be sure that I know how to parry, I play this game since several years. So you can be sure, that I'm pretty familiar with this mastery. Currently I play without parry, because there is no need to spend mastery points for a mastery that not work.


  • Harry_71Harry_71 Posts: 84
    Ah, by the way....I don't speak about the masochism effect...just to avoid missunderstandings
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,126 ★★★★★
    It this node. If. U parry it wil shug it of.
  • Parry does work but not the stun which is a debuff. First debuff the Enemy gets he will shrug off and the counter will start for 10 Seconds. He also gets x% of his base health back (can't remember the amount. I think 5%?). Within the next 10 seconds you will be able to stun the enemy, cause bleed etc.
  • And yes it is the node and I do think it is masochism.
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