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Which 6* to r2

I have just 2 5* r5: Domino and Hyperion. I'm about to form my second cb5 but I think maybe it's time to invest on 6*. Here are my options of 6* and 5* worth to rank up and I'm asking for your opinions and thoughts.

Where am I in the game? I'm cavalier, but have Act 5 and 6.1 to explore. 6.2, LOL and Variant 1 and 2 are untouched.

Which 6* to r2 16 votes

6* unduped Venom The Duck to r2
6* unduped Ghost to r2
sfu_koraxLvernon15SharkPowerr99AanthoMaldroit2FhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaGiodood_1Destroyyourcham 9 votes
6* unduped Invisible Woman to r2
6* unduped Void to r2 (I think it is not really an option because he is unduped)
5* duped sig 80 Cap IW to r5
5* duped sig 100 Omega Red to r5
10or_StrongSantaGulkAleorThicco_ModeMasterChief1176 5 votes
5* unduped Blade to r5
NiteAndDae 1 vote
5* duped Stark Spider to r5
Wait for another option (please tell me who)
Spity68 1 vote
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