Looking for an AQ only Alliance

I am looking to join and AQ map 5 possible map 6 alliance that does not require AW. Looking to relax from the war burnouts and focus time on in-game content and AQ.



  • Queen143Queen143 Posts: 330
    Add me on line id shonaidey we r AQ focused
  • Queen143Queen143 Posts: 330
    Added u ingame map 5×5 few map 6
    We need an Active and Stable player hit me up on line or ingame
  • SuperShiranSuperShiran Posts: 115
    @HASHTAG_N8 still looking?
    We do 66555, no wars. Top 500.

    Added u in game, message me there or on Line at SuperShiran if interested :)
  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 733 ★★★
    How about map 5? Wars are only 1 bg voluntary, I haven't joined a war in at least 4 months.
  • HopeasilmuHopeasilmu Posts: 171
    Eyy buddy, we just happened to switch from aw/aq focus to only aq focus so war is whatever defenders to where ever battlegroup and attack phase no item use whatsoever.

    We are still in gold 1 tho and aq 5x5, but now we add couple map 6 to one bg as an extra.

    Today leaves one of our long term members and you would fill his shoes perfectly! Contact me in Line or in game, both names are Kinksutin :)
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