More Consistent Balance Changes Coming Your Way


The Contest is constantly evolving, we’re adding a regular stream of new Champions, new features, new abilities, and new synergies. Each new Champion or feature changes the balance of the game. New and existing Champions need to be regularly reviewed and balanced to ensure that they are all great additions to your roster.

Starting in October 2019, we will be moving to smaller, more frequent balance updates of our Champions.

What to expect:

- 3 months after a Champion is released we’ll have reviewed and analyzed their data.
- If it needs a small balance, up or down, we will notify the player base before it enters into the Basic Crystal Pool of Champions.
- Approximately 3 months later any changes made will have been tested and then released to the Community.

This new balance cadence will be limited to minor balancing of a Champion's existing kit, abilities won’t be added or removed. If a Champion needs a rework, that Champion will be addressed separately, and any compensation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For example: If a Champion is under-performing as an Attacker, we may choose to boost the potency of their Fury or Cruelty Effects. If they are under-performing as a Defender, we may look into decreasing the cooldown on a defensive ability.

We will continue to do the larger re-works and won’t be reducing their frequency. We’re all excited about the upcoming Colossus and Old Man Logan re-works this fall. This is just the start, and our goal is to move to continue to improve older Champions to increase the value players see in their existing roster.
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