Who to rank up?

I'm pretty indecisive as to who to rank up. Please keep in mind possible dis/advantages knowing what we do about Variant 3. Domino and Corvus are my current R5's. Decide for me lol. I don't run suicides and I won't for at least a while.

Who to rank up? 23 votes

R5 5* Omega Red (No suicides, Sig 98)
M1k0rinDuke_SilverdoctorbFhfjghhggggjfhfjgChainslayerBatman1903MiStaLovaFreeToPlay_21Thicco_ModeSkillful_starTheSaith 11 votes
R5 5* Void (Sig 89)
Foxhero007Lvernon15AssumedNameShadowjesterSDPDanasjonXN0nameX 7 votes
R2 6* Gulk
SecondSkrillercrystaldsmithAleorEtjamaOneAboveAll13 5 votes


  • Scrubkiller_1Scrubkiller_1 Posts: 104
    I'm genuinely surprised that OR is so popular without suicides over these other champs. Anyone care to explain?
  • ShadowjesterShadowjester Posts: 10
    R5 5* Void (Sig 89)
    There are uses for all champs and people will have there favorites. But Gulk needs dup to be used more. Otherwise mainly good for health block and Face Me skill. I personally think Void has far more use than any single 1 champion going through in game content. You pretty much can find a use for him on most paths.
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,607 ★★★★
    R5 5* Void (Sig 89)
    Without suicides it’s Void all day. You already have a couple huge damage dealers. Void is still top ten in the game.
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