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You guys I tell ya.
Last time you claimed to have fixed android issues, yeah.. Not so much

So the obvious, game speed, the lengths between load screens are getting longer and longer 5-10 seconds a screen? When there's usually multiple screens before you actually fight? Get your act together.

Also don't appreciate that game randomly still autoplays whenever it feels like it

New stuff past few days.
Quite often the game just doesn't feel like blocking, we get wrecked then are forced to pay big units for pathetic pots

On specials (usually special 2 if it's a multi attack like colossus or Ultron for instance that pushes you forward first hit is a whiff. This then leads to lesser special damage (best case scenario) you bouncing off the opponent (average scenario) or has the opponent attack immediately after the bounce and wrecking you (worst case and most common scenario)

I'm assuming this is the part where miike. Says the players are always wrong, or "will get looked into" same excuse past 8 months and nothing gets done, then he locks the thread


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    13.1 fixed so many lag and game fundamental issues
    After the 13.1 android crash, everything is exactly like 12.1

    Im assuming kabam didn't like android players actually having success so they completely rolled back everything

    Games actually worse at times, I have statuses put on me (especially stun specials) before the opponent has even attacked

    Help requests are a snails pace again, ZERO shot for android users to become LEGENDs, pretty much as I said exactly same complaints as 3 weeks ago, I honestly am not sure I see ANY of the items discussed in patch notes to be actually working
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    New issue today.
    Swiping both forward or back
    1/3 of the time it works
    1/3 of the time it blocks
    1/3 of the time nothing

    Alliance Quests are going to be an expensive nightmare YET again
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