High crit resistance prevents ghost from critting?

Title says it all. Ghost fails to crit on her guaranteed crits all the time against Emma frost in her diamond phase and also against the 90% crit resistance nodes in the sinister labs.
Is this intended? Shouldn't guaranteed crits byepass crit resistance?


  • hiddenblizzardhiddenblizzard Posts: 492 ★★
    I think this is normal cause, ghost fails her crits while fighting against antman or any "glancing" nodes or cap w
  • TheSpicyKnightTheSpicyKnight Posts: 957 ★★★
    She should be critting against crit resistant champions because of her guaranteed crit mechanic. She can't bypass Glancing because Never trumps Always in this game.
  • Huskers327Huskers327 Posts: 14
    I have noticed the same thing. I have noticed it against Emma frost in diamond form and with crit resist nodes in sinister labs
  • Manoj8410parmarManoj8410parmar Posts: 8
    Yes. Guaranteed crits was made for countering High crit resistance. They needs to look at this
    Tho I agree with Glancing because Glanced attack cant be critical
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