Incoming Fix: Namor’s Damage Reflection and Interaction with One Eye Open node


We are preparing to push a fix for an unintended interaction between Namor and the One Eye Open node that was causing Namor’s Damage Reflection to loop and finish fights in as little as 1-3 Hits.

This fix will change how you see Namor’s Damage Reflection numbers in all areas of the game, but will not change how much damage is reflected, and won’t have an effect on his gameplay.

Currently, the damage is reflected at the same time it is dealt. Now, any Damage that would be reflected is collected during his attack, and then reflected to the opponent in a single moment at the end of the Attack. This lines up with his actual Signature Ability Description.

This fix will be live soon.


  • Hi All,

    We've prepped and are just about to push a fix for the Knock-On issue that was caused by this initial fix.

    This fix should be live soon.
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