Can Kambam give presents on Birthdays?

I have Birthday on 18th Of August and it Will be warn in your heart when you Will see that Kabam made a present to you


  • iROnMax1218iROnMax1218 Posts: 11
    I saw some Games where developers on Birthdays give presents to you and can mcoc become one Of The???
  • iROnMax1218iROnMax1218 Posts: 11
    Maybe it is my fools Dreams, but it Would be very fan:)
  • iROnMax1218iROnMax1218 Posts: 11
    Of course You can't give 5* crystal, but on Birthdays you can give Grandmaster or cavalerier crystal or some other
  • science22science22 Posts: 124
    Who's Kambam??
  • Batman1903Batman1903 Posts: 117
    is no one gonna give u present on ur bday???? mayb u can get kabam miikes crush : cyclops as 5 star. well many many hppy returns of the day in advance to u
  • iROnMax1218iROnMax1218 Posts: 11
    Thank you Kabam for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's the 18th here for us! Happy Birthday, @iROnMax1218! I'm sorry that we can't gift you with anything, but unfortunately it just isn't possible to do so or to keep up with all the birthdays of every Summoner in the game. But we really hope you have/had a good day and that it was fun! My birthday was actually the 17th, close to being birthday twins haha! Anyways, hopefully you had some good luck in the game and something nice spun out of a crystal! :)
  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 167
    queue the broken birthday flute
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