MASSIVE rank up decisions needed! V2 exploration rewards.

(Roster at bottom)Just finished v2. Pulled a science r5 gem. Don’t have a single r5 5*.Have rulk at r4, mostly for v2 and domino synergy. Have a she-hulk at r1 unawakened, and void at r1 unawakened. Pulled a mutant gem. Have OR unawakened at r1, x23 at r4 and colossus at r1 and Havok at r3.I have around 70 mutant stones. Apparently colossus is beyond god tier with emma and OR, but his sig ability doesn’t seem to be important, just gives prowess and more chance for armor up. I also have 2 2015 mutant 3-4 gems and 1 2-3 mutant gem so can easily take him to r4. I’m not too impressed by havok, as I have a 6* proxima, so don’t really have plans to take him to r4. OR has a synergy with rulk, void and colossus and I’ve seen gameplay of him being beyond god tier. She-hulk looks awesome but risky, and has a synergy with rulk. So yeah lots of options here. I currently have 1.8 mil gold, and the 3-4 mutant 2015 gem doesnt need gold to rank up. As this has a lot of options and champs involved, please comment to provide advice on who to upgrade. Roster:
Also since you are only allowed to vote for one option, comment what I should do for science if you voted for mutant, and vice-versa.

MASSIVE rank up decisions needed! V2 exploration rewards. 22 votes

Science- r5 rulk
Osfan8 1 vote
Science- r5 she-hulk
RaganatorDuke_SilverRougeknight87FhfjghhggggjfhfjgAstounds 5 votes
Science- wait for void awakening and r5 him
buffajrCaptainPoll 2 votes
Mutant gem- R5 And awaken OR, r4 Colossus with 3-4 gem
MagicBentonKennadoShadow_PhoneixTehsigzorzLoctiteSuperGlueG2DKEtjamaImmortal_148 8 votes
Mutant gem- R5 and awaken Havok, R4 Colossus with gem
AhitlawXN0nameXDead1HedronThicco_ModeAshKetchum 6 votes
Mutant gem-R5 and awaken colossus
Other... please comment


  • AshKetchumAshKetchum Posts: 286 ★★
    Mutant gem- R5 and awaken Havok, R4 Colossus with gem
    I wouldn't jump on the Colossus bandwagon that hard yet. We haven't even seen the beta play yet, and even those can change.
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