Beta testing Costs and Old Man Logan

JakedealJakedeal Posts: 3
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What is a forum profile and how do I create one? Or does the fact that I can post this mean I already have one?


  • Bob_Anderson33Bob_Anderson33 Posts: 5
    This is it!
  • JakedealJakedeal Posts: 3
    Cool! I'm obviously a rookie on this side!
  • Lol, it's honestly a fair question if you've never participated in a Beta test, or gave your opinions on the Beta Forum. Yes, your standard forum ID will get you in the Beta Forum. I'm REALLY looking forward to this beta as I have both as 5* champs. Have fun @Jakedeal !!
  • JakedealJakedeal Posts: 3
    @SiriusBreak thanks! I appreciate that. I'm looking forward to it also. Hope I get a reason to rank up both! I have them in 5 star versions but rarely use either.
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