Making one deal in black iso market resets other deals timers?

So I purchased the 4 star shards for the 2000 3 star shards deal during the trial period. (I bought the summoner sigil) when the trial period is over I did a trade for tier 3 basic catalysts and now it's saying that the countdown until I can do another deal on some other things is the same as the last deal j made. Can you only make ONE deal every 6 days? I'm confused. Sorry if you've addressed this already


  • Hey there!

    Can you get us a screenshot of your Black ISO Market page so we can see what you're seeing please? This'll help us get a better picture of what's going on here. Thanks in advance!
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    All the timers are the same. Unless all the deals reset each time I make a purchase or you're only allotted one of some specific deals then something is wrong?
    Thanks for the help.
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    Probably similar to Glory Store, which for the higher value items all Reset at the same time every 8 days (resets right when next AQ week begins every 8 days). No matter when during that 8 days you had actually made the purchase.

    Unless you were seeing a DIFFERENT Reset duration initially when purchasing one type of item, that then later on for that item actually CHANGED when you later on bought some different item ??
  • No. I made a trade for the t3 basic catalysts recently. I didn't Max out the deal for the PHCs and I bought the Stony core during the trial period (during the first 6 days) it says I'm at limit for these things now and they all reset around the time I made the last deal.(see screenshot) but I don't remember (I'm positive I did not) buying all of them. Just confused really.
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    (except for the not thinking you Max’d the PC purchase...)

    That's what I mean. Mine all show the same 4+ days Reset currently too (have NOT bought the Sigel), even though I bought some on different days. It seems to be a 12 day window period (if I’m remembering correctly that trial period was 6 days and been 1+ days since trial ended ?? otherwise, whatever the correct # day’s was) (just like Glory Store is on an 8 day window).

    Everything resets every “fixed” 12 days (or whatever the correct # of day’s came out to be). EXCEPT for the T1 and T2 Cats (like lesser items in Glory Store too) have a smaller Reset Window, so you can buy those “lesser” items more often that the rest.

    As for PHC, you probably just don't remember max'ing that one out (??)
  • Hey @BetardRomero,

    We looked into this, and there is no issue. All items run on the same universal Timer, and you may have forgotten that you had purchased these items in the past. The store does not reset based on when you bought the Sigil, and is the same for all Summoners.

    Everything will reset for you on Monday.
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    Anyway. Thanks.
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