Very important question about Sabretooth.

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I just pulled a 4* Sabretooth, ranked him up right away, and I love using him. But I was wondering how many furies Sabretooth needs to be effective; how many battles should I focus on ramp-up for? Also, any general advice from Sabretooth players is much appreciated.


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    10 furies and your golden !! Hits really hard
  • WardenZeroWardenZero Posts: 435 ★★★
    AlphA101 said:

    10 furies and your golden !! Hits really hard

    Thanks! Also, what’s the best way to rack up all those furies?
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    Spam sp1 every time you finish a 10 hit combo and try to end the fight with an sp3 to carry over that massive fury. Don’t use sp2 as it has the weakest fury

    As soon as I generate a fury and if I have sp1 available , I’ll Immediately fire it to convert it to a permanent fury and if the fury is there , but sp1 is not available , I’ll dash back and idle for a sec to convert it.

    You can convert either way that’s available to you. It takes some practice though. The idle back method is more risky and need practice.

    Only let down with him is when his charges get to zero , all furies reset and you gotta restart again. Terrible when it happens right before the
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    For most content on the same level 5 fury and you’re doing good damage. 10 is great, and 15+ and every fight is going to be quick. I personally try to idle to convert rather than L1 since it allows me to convert more fury per fight than using an L1 to do damage and potentially bleed them. I use specials after I convert all 5 in a fight. What you really want to do is get a fury on yourself with a 10 hit combo and then end a fight with an L3. You’ll get an additional normal fury plus a really strong fury for the following fights.
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    Keep in mind the fury you get from idle conversion or special 1 is stronger than the fury from special 2. The one from the special 3 is even stronger but needs to be from finishing the fight with the special. Good luck.
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    And if you have Killmonger, the synergy is just awesome. It stops lots of annoying things like masochism.
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