questions about AEgon

these are just from the top of my head
lets say the sig ability is at 50% of the combo

1) if i get a combo of say 250 and then get hit and then i finish the fight at 120 combo.what will get added to my persistent combo meter? combined of that or the highest combo of 268 or the combo at which i defeated the enemy?

2) if I made a combo of 220 hits and then lost the fight would the combo still get added to my persistent meter?


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    It’s whatever your combo is right at the end of the fight. Whatever you did before you got hit doesn’t matter. Even if you put up a 300 hit combo then take a punch while they have 2% HP left. If you finish the fight in 2 hits you will only carry 1.

    With Aegon you really need to not get hit early on. Once you get over 100 it doesn’t matter mich anymore.

    2. Depends on how you lose. If he hits you then you go back to 0 since there’s no combo. If you time out or quit the fight the combo carries. When I Was doing LOL runs I would bring Prox for combo shield synergy. If I had a big combo going early on and took a hit. Sometimes I would quit the fight so I kept my big combo. Only in the first few fights was this the case though. Like I said once you get a big combo going doesn’t matter. Typically I wouldn’t recommend this strategy though. LOL is a different situation.
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    1. You’d get 60 (half of the 120 combo) added to your persistent combo meter. Once you lose that streak of 250, it’s gone and you have to build a new streak.

    2. You would only get the persistent combo charge if you lost the fight taking block damage, or some other passive damage like LIMBO, Where you didn’t lose the streak. If you had that streak, but then got hit and died, you will get 0 added to the combo charge.

    I’d recommend bringing Starlord or the other hero Aegon has combo shield synergy with.
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    thanks guys
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    SL or Proxima
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