16m alliance looking for 2 / AQ 553 / no pressure AW

Have a strong account? Up and coming player who wants to improve? Want to join a group of mature players without drama? This could be the place for you.

We’re a mature alliance looking to fill our roster with those that enjoy the game who want a step back from the grind or focus on strengthening their rosters.

Whales would be nice, but in all honesty, looking for players with experience and at a minimum are Uncollected. Preferably have at least 1 R4 5*.

Running AQ 553. Goal is to run 5x5.

Running 1-2 BGs of AW. Will run more if we have more interest. No pressure. Running for fun and shards.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Alliance: Asgardian Assassins (A___A)
In game name: Nate..dog or Chaos Carl
Line: Nate..dog or chaoscarl


  • NatedogNatedog Posts: 71
    Spots are still open. Please reach out if interested. Finished rank 2385 in last AQ.
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