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Ranking Up 'New' 4* VS 'Old' 4*

Aside from all other variables, and in my mind creating new/recognizing already present variable, is it better, w/ caveat one only has resources for one or the other: Do I Rank up a 4* Champion recently acquired to Rank 3 Level 30 (as eight of nine 4* Champions in stable, no 5* currently, and remaining 4* at Rank 4 Level 40 (do not know why adding this info as variable(s) not to be factored into answer or recommendation hopefully given by much more experienced players than I)) OR do I Rank up most powerful of remaining eight 4* Champions at Rank 3 Level 30 to Rank 4 Level 40.
Thank you in advance for taking time to consider this and taking the time to respond.


  • Monkey17288Monkey17288 Posts: 99
    Rank who you use the most the highest you can. This will make your life easier. Rank your AQ/AW teams first then questing team. Then once those ranked you can go back and move the others up. And at a certain level you will need to rank based on prestige but based on your team description you are not there.
  • OldaviseOldavise Posts: 35
    Thank you so much, not just for reply but for depth of answer. It is much appreciated. Thanks again.
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