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Can't Claim Iso after Selling!?

Since the Summoner Sigil ended, after I sell ISO there isn't a "Claim" button in overflow stash to sell more. Is this a bug or punishment for being F2Play? Ha


  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
    try to see if your inventory has 45 or more items: the sigil extended the capacity to 57, and when expired the capacity returned to normal but without losing what you had in excess, so if you had the inventory full and then you sold 10 items, you will still have reached the max capacity.

    in short: if you still haven't done, check the inventary, if you have 45 or more ISOs then you have reached the max capacity, and you have to sell more items ^_^
  • KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 229
    Thanks, realized that was the issue after, had to sell below 45 ISO items to claim more.
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