8.2 Mill alliance currently needing to fill 2 spots!

What we expect...
1. Communicate via Line
2. Line Clearer for Map 5 (boss killa preferred, LoL)
3. Have at least 3 4* R5's or 5*R3's for AQ attack
4. Adults only please--we are a bunch of dads here!
5. Pay taxes
6. Do completion 16k-Duels 650-
7. Prestige over 3800 or Ranking over 200K is prefferrred USA based as well!

What you get-
3. 20 Map 5 Crystals a week and 1 Map 6 min.
4. Weekly T4B -as much as 3 a week
5. Good group of guys who have lives outside the game but manage to keep up with the die hards...

Find me and let me know... AdvoMiggy


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