12 Experienced Players seeking to fill new alliance - seeking 18

Hey guys, we are a group of 12 Experienced players that have been together for over 2 years. We have been led on time and time again in alliances that claimed they fit what we were seeking and are unable to deliver, so we've decided to give a shot at branching off and starting something from the ground up.

We are currently seeking 18 others that would be interested in joining us on our journey. The end goal is to get to 5x5 for all 3 BG and to hover somewhere in gold 1 to 3 for AW now that they've finally upped the rewards.

That being said, we also all understand that people have lives and families and so on as we all do. So we also want to allow the flexibility to on weekends drop to a map 4 or 3 if desired from time to time for AQ or only run 2 BG in war from time to time depending on everyone's schedules and personal or family requirements.

So with all of that in mind, communication is key. We all utilize line and have no problem saying we've got stuff going on that will keep us away from the game for an extended time. We expect the same in return.

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, whether you're alone or a group, hit me up on line at shakenbake629 or via my in game name which is the same.

Ideally prestige as high as possible to make AQ most worthwhile, but that can be discussed as ours range from around 6000 to over 10k


  • Shakenbake629Shakenbake629 Posts: 22
    Since we are starting fresh, also open to a group that wants some map 6 or whatever if you've got most a BG on your own. So just an average of 5x5 for 3BGs. Figured I'd clarify there
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