She-Hulk Heavy Attack Fix Compensation

We recently announced a fix going live with the 24.2 game update related to an issue with She-Hulk that allowed her to Combo into a Heavy Attack. We appreciate everyone’s feedback around this issue as it has sparked a number of internal conversations about this change and helped us to evaluate the impact of this fix. We understand your concerns around the timing of this update given She-Hulk’s current popularity in game. We apologize for the frustration caused by the initial announcement of the fix, and suddenness by which it seemed to come about.

The ability to chain a Combo into a Heavy Attack is not intended for all Champions unless otherwise stated, for example with Wasp. She-Hulk’s abilities to Slow and Taunt in conjunction with this unintended mechanic were more powerful than intended in that it had potential to keep a defender in the corner and turn off potential counter-play from the Defender.

We have heard from the community and understand that many players may have specifically ranked She-Hulk for this gameplay mechanic without knowing that it was unintended. Since these rank up decisions require an investment of resources, we want to give players who have ranked She-Hulk the opportunity to evaluate the fix once it is live and make the decision if they would like to rank her down. We are working on the steps required to create She-Hulk specific Rank Down Tickets and gather a list of players impacted to provide this compensation.

Even with this fix, we are confident that She-Hulk is still an excellent Champion given her abilities.

We understand everyone’s concerns around the communication of this fix and will make even greater efforts to improve our processes around timing of external communication about bugs and issues in game.

Please note that Rank Down Tickets are still not meant to be a regular part of the game and will not be given as a result of every Champion change or bug fix. We believe the specifics of this particular situation, however, warrant their consideration.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding on this matter.


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